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Super Nintendo Character Montage

1. Chrono Trigger – In my opinion, this game has no flaws: Beautiful art style, engaging storyline, great soundtrack.

2.Final Fantasy III – Also known as Final Fantasy VI in Japan, this game is one of the best of the series and features complex branching plotlines and fantastic music.

3. Super Mario RPG – This game added a ton of depth to the Mario Universe and gave real personalities to Mario characters that had never been given dialogue before. This game is filled with charm and it’s a must-have for Mario fans.

4. Earthbound – Also known as Mother 2 in Japan. This is a strange, quirky, and funny rpg that sold very poorly in the US at launch. The strength of this game is its brilliantly written dialogue and its surrealistic atmosphere.

5. Secret of Mana – This action rpg features a deep magic system and a very memorable soundtrack.

I know there are a ton more that didn’t make my list (and btw I personally don’t classify A Link to the Past as an rpg, which is why I didn’t include it)

Which Super Nintendo rpg’s are your favorites?

NES Controller Artwork

Nintendo Monopoly
Definitely putting this on my Christmas list 🙂

Link/Samus/Mario Hybrid

Octaroks/Metroids/Goombas Beware!

The Legend of Zelda Tribute – by Brawlinthefamily

Legend of Zelda: Link on Horseback – Artwork from Ocarina of Time on the Nintendo 3DS

Artwork from Majora’s Mask on the Nintendo 64

Legend of Zelda – Link’s Journey