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Super Nintendo Character Montage


1. Chrono Trigger – In my opinion, this game has no flaws: Beautiful art style, engaging storyline, great soundtrack.

2.Final Fantasy III – Also known as Final Fantasy VI in Japan, this game is one of the best of the series and features complex branching plotlines and fantastic music.

3. Super Mario RPG – This game added a ton of depth to the Mario Universe and gave real personalities to Mario characters that had never been given dialogue before. This game is filled with charm and it’s a must-have for Mario fans.

4. Earthbound – Also known as Mother 2 in Japan. This is a strange, quirky, and funny rpg that sold very poorly in the US at launch. The strength of this game is its brilliantly written dialogue and its surrealistic atmosphere.

5. Secret of Mana – This action rpg features a deep magic system and a very memorable soundtrack.

I know there are a ton more that didn’t make my list (and btw I personally don’t classify A Link to the Past as an rpg, which is why I didn’t include it)

Which Super Nintendo rpg’s are your favorites?

Chrono vs the Dragon Tank Chrono Trigger Artwork

Chrono Trigger Scene

Chrono Trigger Box Artwork

Ever notice that Marle is shown using fire magic, but she never has that ability in the actual game? This is because the artwork was inspired by this screenshot of the beta version of the game. Mystery Solved 🙂

Chrono Trigger Scene – Nighttime

Chrono Trigger – Ayla

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Chrono Trigger Scene – Lucca’s House

Created by Akira Toriyama

Chrono Trigger Manga: Part 1 of 10

Chrono Trigger Scene – Chrono Piloting the Epoch