Catch Mew in Pokemon Red on Gameboy

Posted: December 16, 2012 in retro gaming
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Catch mew in pokemon red

There are several methods to obtain Mew in Pokemon Red. Mew is coded into the game, but is unobtainable by conventional means. Apparently, there were official Pokemon events in the 90’s where they gave away mew to fans that brought their gameboys, but that opportunity has long passed. There is a very complicated method that involves glitching the game and encountering “gambler” and “youngster” trainers in a very specific way, but that can be difficult to execute.

The easiest way is to enter the Gameshark code 0115D8CF and when you fight and capture a wild pokemon, withdraw it from your PC, and it will be Mew! I believe this code also works with Pokemon Blue.

  1. CuteJanessa says:

    They also held the mew events around the ruby and sapphire era’s. I ran the toys r us event and was able to maintain 6 legit mews!!!!!

  2. mrbalin says:

    I remember there was a way without the game shark. but damned if I can remember how exactly now. Albeit at least I do play red still! 🙂

    • There is a way, but it is very tricky and requires precise timing. You need to use fly right after a certain trainer sees you and approaches you to battle. There are instructions on how to do it but I’ve never been able to make it work.

  3. djrutland says:

    i remember this, i used a glitch to obtain mew but i screwed my game up in the process but it was awesome while it lasted 😀

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